Mansol Products

Mansol UUC

Universal ultrasonic cleaner is used at low concentrations from 2%-5% depending on what contaminates are to be removed at temperatures of 60 to 75 degrees C. This is a formulation which is made up of a blend of surfactants and sequestrants with the cut of user friendly solvents giving excellent cleaning of metals and plastics components.

Mansol SWL

This universal spray wash liquid based on potassium silicate formulated with phosphates and surfactants to produce a high performing heavy duty cleaner even at low concentrations 2%-5% used at temperatures range of 60 to 80 degrees C Will remove carbonised oils and greases also removes road films and brightens cast aluminium components.

Mansol FC

This is a highly alkali ferrous cleaning solution containing potassium hydroxide blended with inorganic acids, surfactants and sequestrants producing a product capable of cleaning oil/grease, paint and carbon deposits from iron and steel components. This product has been developed for a wide range of cleaning methods from heated soak tanks, agitation flow and ultrasonic machines also because of its low foam surfactants spraywash machines. Used at concentration of 5%-50% depending on contamination to be removed.

Mansol Inhibitor

This is a complex blend of 2 Amimoethanol and organic acids making a product that will provide a number of days protection against rusting depending on storage conditions. Used in combination with cleaning chemicals or in a final hot rinse at 2% concentration.

Mansol Eco Strip

This is a water based de-carboniser/ Paint and varnish remover. Can be used at room temperature faster results can be achieved by taking the solution to 50c and with the aid of agitation or ultra-Sonics the process is vastly improved. Will remove a vast range of paints lifting the paint into skins which aids the life of the stripper if removed regularly.

Mansol Rust Absorb 7

Absorbs the rust into the solution without attacking the parent metal Used at typically 20% concentration can be used at room temperature by raising to 70c the process time is shortened; Ultra-Sonics will improve results dramatically.

Mansol HPA

This high-pressure additive is a concentrated blend of Alkali products and surfactants producing a heavy-duty cleaner, developed for hot and cold pressure washers this product is also used as a general cleaner in workshops due to its high detergency even at low concentrations for workshop floors to machine wash downs used at 1%-10% this is an industrial strength product and is not recommended for cleaning cars or any other highly finished products.

Mansol Citric De-Scale

This is a highly concentrated Citric Acid based rust and oxide remover which has an inhibitor to protect against flash re-rusting. Used at room temperature to 80 degrees C At concentrations from 2%-20% depending on scale to be removed, the properties of the parent metal and through put of components. This can be greatly increased by use of flow machines or ultra-sonic machines. Used at low concentration and temperatures will remove rust from chrome plated components. Will remove oxidisation and brighten aluminium components such has cylinder heads and turbo housing.

Mansol F-D

This is a fast-drying solvent blend used mainly for degreasing large component usually applied with brushes or cleaning clothes. The solvents act together to give a very effective powerful cleaner on parts that maybe too big to fit into cleaning tanks or machines.

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